It is evident that the success of the Hotel, Restaurant & Catering business depends on maintaining good standards by adapting to products & services with latest technology. This requires constant emphasis on product development, convenient & cost effective technology and systems. In today’s competetive environment the focus is on critical products to win over clients through better quality and service.
The role of a purchase manager is not only confined to ordering supplies for the hotel. It is rather pivotal in terms of supplier analysis, strategic solutions in different circumstances and presence of mind to ensure that the operations do not go haywire It is important for a purchase manager meet the 5R criteria that is, to purchase products of the Right Quality, in the Right Quantity, for the Right price, in the Right place, and at the Right time.
To fulfill the need of the industry we, at HAMMER, are proud to present the 20th Edition of Hotels & Institutions Buyers Guide.
The Guide is a comprehensive source of information required by the industry, to be updated with the latest developments on products and vendors. In our constant endeavor, every year we update the information on new products and vendors, compiled meticulously in the form of Buyers’ Guide, now in your hand. The Buyers Guide from last 20 years remains one-stop source of information not only for purchase managers but for department heads and project managers across India

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This Buyers Guide website is designed for the users to get the contact details of the companies in the relevant fields they’re searching for. 

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You can search for any keyword, keyphrase from the Tag cloud  or you can search by any category or section at the top of the page or you can search any company name to get a comprehensive list of Products & Services listed on the site under that tag/category. You can also go directly to a category/section by using the main menu.  You can tap on any listing to get the company’s specific details , For Ex- Phone Number, Address, Website, Email, Whatsapp number or other details.


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